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, maine. c-span: and this book, called "the lobster chronicles," is what book for you? >> guest: book number two. c-span: what was book number one, and when did it come out? >> guest: book number one was "the hungry ocean," and it was published in 1999. c-span: about? >> guest: swordfishing. the book is structured around a 30-day swordfishing trip to the grand banks of newfoundland. c-span: and what's your relationship with the whole "perfect storm" movie and the "perfect storm" story and sebastian junger? >> guest: well, i suppose most people, if they've ever heard of linda greenlaw, recognize my name as the woman who survived the "perfect storm." i was the captain of the andrea gail's sister ship, the hannah boden. so most people make the "perfect storm" connection right, you know, very quickly. i was running that swordfishing boat the last six years that i swordfished, and because of the book -- people always ask, you know, "how did 'the perfect storm' change your life?" the weather event itself didn't really change my life a great deal, but the book by sebastian junger changed my
. these shafts feed the water mains of each neighborhood, which branch into smaller pipes below the streets... feeding into buildings and houses, into the plumbing, and finally, after its long journey, to our faucets. providing water to homes and industry is a monumental task, requiring immense infrastructure. but once the water is delivered and used, it must also be taken away. man: it's important that the waste generated by any society not be left around. cholera, and other diseases and problems, have been spread, because people wound up living in filth. even the ancients understood that you couldn't have the sewage where you lived. and the easiest thing to do was transport it to another spot -- by water, or a river. most of the first sewer systems were on the east coast of the united states, often in places that already had developed a citywide water supply system. sullivan: in 1630, boston was basically three mountains, there were very steep hills. waste would run down quickly and dump into the harbor. and the tide would carry most of it away. well, this worked well for a while. the pro
. -- parliamentary collection. they have a choice between four main candidates, including a scandal-struck billionaire, a comedian, and an economist. the center-left leader is the favorite. he enjoys around 33% of the vote. mario monte is preferred by 13% of voters. he is the technocrat that took the reins in 2011. the silvio burlesque on the government fell apart. he was criticized for his handling of the economy. there were allegations that he had had sex with an underage prostitutes. braless town is hoping for another political comeback. then there is a comedian turned activist, [indiscernible] hundreds of thousands attended his final rally. one hour from naples. jonah is there. >> this is an extremely important election. remember, this country effectively put democracy on hold for the last 15 months since the scandal-ridden collapse of the burlesque on the government. since then it has been run by a government of non-politicians and technocrats. of course, his job was to bring this country back from the economic bring, where it had threatened to bring down the entire eurozone wi
much. >> heather: we are getting new information on historic snowfall totals. portland, maine, 23.9 inches breaking the record. take a look at this. amazing time lapse video, from connecticut showing the storms building in a hurry. first a few snowflakes and then the skies open up the snow rising fast and look at that. reducing visibility to about zero. that is zero. how did the blizzard measure up to the forecast and what can we expect later on. maria molina is live. we want to hear from you. >> good to see you. we do have many reports to tell you about and update out of maine. we report over 30 inches of snow has fallen in that area. in boston, one for the record books in the city of boston. as of the latest. to show you how strong the winds were across many cities in parts of new england and also into areas further off to the south, take a look at some of these gusts that were reported from the storm system. in the 80s. 81 mile-an-hour winds in portland, connecticut and massachusetts, 83 mile-per-hour winds. so we're talking hurricane-force winds out here in portions of new eng
pole and sever a main line. the remaining 66 customers will have their power restored by 7:30 this morning. >> crash in sonoma killed a woman who was walking around looking for her dog. according to the santa rosa press democrat she was hit on west avenue in rosewood neighborhood at 8:00. after she was hit the first time a second driver hit her. both are cooperating the witnesses say the cars seemed to have been driving normally and did not have enough time to stop. >> in hayward, game over to gamble online for cash with a unanimous vote in favor of an emergency 45-day moratorium on any new cafes in the city that sell internet time and offer access to games with cash prizes. right now the city has two of the cafes and the moratorium blocks any new cafes until officials can consider revising the zoning regulations. hayward issued an order to close the clubs. >> in petaluma a high school student was hospitalized with meningitis. officials say the 17-year-old went into the hospital over the weekend with a highly contagious disease. the petaluma high school student is in seriou
inside the main building of mercy hospital about 1:00 this afternoon by a suspect had was holding a handgun inside the hospital. now there is security here but it's fairly easy to walk around inside once you enter the main door and go up. police would only say this happened in the main building. about a year ago mercy hospital opened up a new hospital, mary katherine bunting center. that's down that way. all they said was the main building, which they consider to be the one behind me. police are saying two people robbed at gun point inside the hospital. they just held a news conference a short time ago. this is what they had to say about the robbery. >> we believe we have two victims. it's important to note from the scene there were no reported injuries, so we believe they were just robbed. the suspect did have a handgun with him that he displayed during the incident. >> reporter: as for what the suspect got away from, he took personal property, didn't steal anything inside the hospital. if you've ever been inside this or other hospital there are a ton of cameras. police are certa
was from ours but we realized it was from the water main. it was completely filling the intersection and the cars were under the water and everything. >> they gist moved in two weeks ago. the water department has determined they are not going to have to red tag any homes and they look structurally sound they have a huge mess out here and they will have to bring in heavy equipment, dig up the street, go underground, mix the water main and clean up this mess. and now mike nicco and the temperatures. >> we start with live doppler 7 hd and it is really dry, temperatures are cooler than they were this time yesterday. we will start around the bay and we are in the low-to-mid 40's in most areas and near 60 by noon. inland there is frost. 35 is the general rule at 7:00. 61 at noon. 65 at 4:00. you will be clearing during the evening hours and mild at 55. at the coast it is calm. low-to-mid 40's. increasing clouds. partly cloudy at noon and 57. and breezy this afternoon at 54 and the clouds linger through the evening and you will be cooler at 49. >> at golden gate bridge we h
are at the scene of a water-main break and some blocks are now flooded. crews are rushing over. >> reporter: two blocks is without water and a lot of areas are shut down behind me. they are flooding this intersection and you can see crews are taking a look at the intersection as they try to get all the valves turned off. if you look across the street, that is where the problem is. they think the other areas is really the area coming out with the path of least resistance. this all started 3:00 this morning and they don't know what caused it. they do know you can imagine your surprise when you try to turn -- when they tried to turn on the faucet. >> there was no water when i tried to brush my teeth, all i can hear was bubbles in the background and i walk down the street and there was this mess. it is amazing. >> this is may on and filbert and that's the area where this leak happened. it is a six inch water-main and it is not a big water-main but enough to cause this issue. there are cable car track lines that go through here and we talk to the folks and they a opportunity it's going to take a whi
every day and they are using water constantly. >> reporter: water main breaks are common especially in the winter months. the water department says there's nothing really significant about this one unless of course you're one of the people waking up without the ability to shower this morning. so the mason cable car line is being rerouted with buses. and we're not exactly sure how many people are without water right now. again, all i can confirm on scene is these two blocks of filbert but we have had a lot of other reports of outages. we are trying to confirm some more of that and we'll keep you posted. right now live from the scene in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> not a good way to wake up. >> you can't brush your teeth or have coffee, can't take a shower. that's no fun. >> no. no fun at all. happy tuesday -- or wednesday. >>> lawrence, happy tuesday -- wednesday. >> feels like monday. >> it does feel like monday. very interesting day weather- wise yesterday around the bay area. we haven't had many days like that but yeah the mountain
neighbors and officials, it seems this happened quickly. with the water main break it's hard to tell. i'm not sure how quickly it all pooled up in the area but as you can see we are at the foot of it and that's why it collected right around here at this intersection. >> certainly a big mess for crews to clean up. cate caugiran live in san francisco, thank you. >>> 5:03. we are getting new information about what may have led to two deadly police shootings down in santa cruz. two plainclothes police detectives shot to death on duty and the suspect was killed in a shootout with other police officers. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec reports from santa cruz. >> reporter: behind me is that scene the latter scene that you mentioned where the suspect was shot on doyle street. santa cruz sheriff's officers are investigating this and it could take days or even weeks to wrap up this investigation. but we do know the basics right now. this is the man officers say shot and killed two santa cruz detectives yesterday afternoon. 35-year-old jeremy goulet who lived in sa
the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> top stories we're following a water main break in san francisco's north beach neighborhood, we are live on the scene. we will have about the coming up. >> a live look at a cemetery this morning where firefighters are responding to a house fire, we are live on the scene. >> watching bay area weather mt. tam on. >> we are below freezing and vallejo, napa and santa rosa. oakland waking up to mid 30's, temperatures will be about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday's high. i will talk about your extended forecast and my next report. >> we're looking at a good ride around the bay, no hot spots. a bit of a back up at the may hearing whites are not yet acted. we still have light traffic around the bay area, some slowing in the east bay for highway 4 and interstate 580. >> a developing story right now a house fire in san mateo, a live look at the scene. jackie sissel is live on the scene this morning. >> cruise from the san mateo fire apartment have been out here for almost two hours fighting the blaze. they got out at about for 15 this morning. they discover
with developing news, two blocks on north beach are without water, there was an overnight water main break, claudine wong is right there in north beach, you have new information you just received from supervisor, what are they saying? >> reporter: well the supervisor is going around turning off valves because there are several pipes running underneath this street. there are big developments in the last half hour and you can see a gentleman trying to clear out the cable car tracks and cable car service is affected and they are running a shuttle but certainly they want to get the cable car back here so he is cleaning out the roadway. in he is it of what caused this, they -- in terms of what caused this, a 36-inch main is right there but as he was going around he turned off a 12-inch main and that's when the water finally turned off and that pipe is much larger. you can look at this buckled part of the street and the 12- inch main runs through here and they have isolated it to this area. what caused it, they are not sure. let me show you pictures. this is why it was so difficult for them to f
the way to maine. >> and chicago has been taking a direct hit throughout the night. when it started yesterday afternoon, the snow was falling at about an inch an hour. around 500 flights have been canceled at chicago's 2, big airports. and snow is expected there through the day. >> a major problem because of the snow's weight is collapsing roofs. that one caught on camera in kansas city. another collapsed in oklahoma killed a man. he's one of three people who died because of the blizzard. the experts say a foot of heavy wet snow on your roof can add up to 20 pounds per square foot. that's the same as several parked cars. >>> in colorado, the blowing snow there has motorists stranded on an interstate. it also forced about 50 students to spend the night at their school. conditions got so bad yesterday afternoon, their buses had to go back to the school. there's no class today. but the kids still have to get home. >>> two days, now, until massive federal budget cuts are set to kick in. and the effects are already being felt. indianapolis had to cancel its annual air show because the mi
there's a water main break. use the main drag of west portal. overnight roadwork could slow you down in livermore. eastbound 580 to greenville should wrap up by 11 a.m. westbound 580 slow out of the altamont pass. but the real bulk of the morning commute starts later. elsewhere here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. no major problems. they should be doing some lane changes any moment. and over at the bay bridge a couple of lanes blocked towards the toll plaza. a nice ride still in san francisco. >>> a miami woman has been named a person of interest in that deadly shooting and crash on the las vegas strip. police believe 22-year-old tanesha howard was in the suv with triple murder suspect ammar harris at the time of the shooting. they say she is missing and may be in danger. oakland rapper kenneth cherry was killed in the gunfire last week. the car he was in hit a cab causing an explosion that killed two others. a $35,000 reward is offered for information leading to harris' arrest and conviction. >>> an oakland couple who went off the
at the house. 9 times out of 10 on the floor you will find the main water shut off, here. a lot of places have the sprinklers if you shut off the main in the street you shut off the fire systems. so, if you have a choice of shutting off the water in somebody's house go for the one that coming between the foundation, usually it's in the garage or basement. you turn it to the right. right to tighten, left to loosen. this is easier to turn on and off if you is get in the garage. if you can't use the one in the street. do it only if it's say safe to do so. if it's dangerous, leave it. >> this is a basic electric system. a switch and the screw in fuses. there are not many of these anymore. most have the breakers. okay. to show you what they look like. on, off. this is a safety box you can't get it open until you turn it off. a couple of screw in fuses. this is a cartridge and screw in fuses. here it says on and off. pull it out stick it upside down and stick it back in. circuit break /-rs this is what most have. you have the meter. that's how pg and e /khrarpblgs us. you have the big main. usual
results, his main rival has managed to win a majority in the lower house. and beppe grillo, a comedian turned politician, appears to be riding a wave of protest votes. what happens next? the only solution appears to be some sort of coalition. the outgoing prime minister, his coalition trailed for the and the vote, said the common ground must be found. >> it is too early to consider any solution, nor does arrest upon me to find one. but right now i consider it essential this maximum transparency between the political forces -- we are all faced with a serious responsibility. the government must ensure transparency for the country. >> barbara, what happens next? berlusconi has offered to form some sort of coalition. how realistic prospect is that, though? >> not very, but there are not many offers on the table. according to the constitution, the president of the republic, georgio napolitano, now has to tell the man with the bigger numbers -- because numbers in parliament, bersani to try to form some sort of coalition and he does not have many options. monti dust is not have enough numbers
that the private views are important to consider and public views are important too so move along the main streets and the embarcadero you need access to the waterfront visually so putting the arena here in the center that was shown in the newspaper doesn't really work. if you push it over it starts to work at least have less impact on the surroundings and this is the design as we present them to the public. these are shown now as a kind of direction that we were thinking about in terms how this could work. this is a view of the arena towards the east edge of the pier with the bay bridge in the background and unusual foggy for this part of the city and it does happen from time to time. this is view of the arena itself with retail placed towards the embarcadero and we will talk more about how this functions as an idea in terms of the relationship to the surrounding shoreline in a moment and that is based on these things. these are the public view corridors so what you saw earlier was the private corridors and from their bedroom or work space. this is the view you would see walking down the str
corridor up into new england. they've had 6 inches of snow in parts of maine and this snow will be prolific, 2 feet be maybe more than that across parts of new england. for us, temperature in the 30s to low 40s. and 1.6 inches rain down in leeville. once that line of showers moves through, you may see a break or two in the overcast. temperatures not going to get much warmer into the lower 40s butt winds are going to be picking up big time tonight. i'll be back in a few minutes and we'll talk about what can you expect for the rest of your weekend. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the storm is canceling travel plans for residents in new england. united airlines canceled 2,000 flights nationwide. we have a report from rag and national airport. >> reporter: about a dozen flights to new york have been canceled, eight so far to boston. all though are in the afternoon. word is as of noon today, logan airport in boston shut down. however, folks heading to new england able to score an early morning flight were lucky. >> i was here last night to get my flight out. >> reporter: kathy white is boston-bou
large place. not easy to see from the main road. it's a very busy area of the city. i walk past this embassy every day. it's obvious to everyone where it is, but there are several entrances, which is not unusual. the explosion happened near gate 3. the road where the explosion took place is a side road, off the main road. you pence a traffic is undisturbed to some extent on the main road. people were completely unaware that this has happened, but they could see the smoke. >> turkey is a country that is accustomed to this kind of attack, but it's usually associated with actions by its kurdish minority. obviously, it shares a border with syria. there is speculation at the moment, but who do you think the main suspects will become? >> it is very difficult right now. one can only speculate. turkey has been at war with turkish separatist -- kurdish separatists in the southeast on and off over 30 years. a previous explosion took place in the past and that was attributed to that grouped. i cannot confirm right now what is behind this blast or whether it was a suicide bomber. it is a ve
maine and we still do have reports of blizzard conditions ongoing out there and very heavy snow falling at the hour and behind the storm we're going to get very cold temperatures that will not help out people who do not have power right now. it's going to be frigid with single digit wind chill temperatures and another storm system we're going to be tracking with blizzard conditions in the north central and severe weather in parts of the south. i do want to start out with pictures many of you have been sending to us on you report, on foxnews.com they help tell the story and the first they set out with, new hampshire, you can see a lot of heavy snow, you can see those cars buried, pretty much going to be very hard for many of them to dig out of this and also, images coming out of new york and parts of upstate new york dealing with very heavy snow, get out the shovels and start cleaning up if you can. if you have that storm pretty much wrapped up in your area, but i want to zoom into places across eastern maine. again, snow coming down quite heavily and the center of the storm system about
neighborhood. the streets are still closed at 15th and wawona. huge water main break. water was seen racing down the street and it formed a puddle flight that area. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. >>> a gunman killed two people and injured seven before shooting himself at a lumber plant in switzerland this morning. it happened in the central part of the country west of lucerne. witnesses say the shooter opened fire in the company canteen, then killed himself. no word on a motive or whether the gunman worked at the plant. >>> human crowd at the vatican today to witness pope benedict xvi's final hours as head of the catholic church. it's a big couple of days. vinita nair joins us live from the vatican with more on the pope's sendoff and his retirement. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, it's a beautiful day here in rome. keep in mind, we're a lot of hours ahead for this general audience that wrapped up about three hours ago from where we are now but it was an unusual one in the sense that the pope traditionally takes this time to tal
that the powell mason cable car line is down due to the water main break at mason and filbert that's been causing the problems this morning. sorry they are shuttle busing instead. all other muni on time include bart, caltrain and ace train number one still off to a pretty good start. here's a live look now across the golden gate bridge. no major problems this morning heading into san francisco. you will still find that overnight roadwork possibly in lanes southbound 101 as you make your way towards the waldo tunnel. otherwise free and clear all the way down towards doyle drive. elsewhere quick look at milpitas 880/237, no delay between milpitas and subpoena. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> 4:47 now. firefighters and cadaver dogs are searching the rubble of a missouri restaurant where a natural gas explosion led to a huge fire yesterday afternoon. the blast happened in kansas city's country club plaza at an upscale shopping and dining area. at least 14 people are injured, three critically. but so far, no bodies have been
ยข. >> still ahead of kron 4 morning news at 6:00 a.m.. a water main break causes a total mess in san francisco neighborhoods. we have a live crew on the scene with new information on what happens. >> our big story this morning, two officers were killed in the line of duty in santa cruz. we have team coverage with new updates every 15 minutes. >> plus, we're watching bay area weather and traffic. we will be back in two minutes. mommy! i went potty! that's great, honey.... where? for life's bleachable moments. >> the top stories set we're following on this wednesday, february 27th. the chief is calling it " the darkest day in the history of the santa cruz police department. " two officers were killed in the line of duty and the man who shot them is also dead. >> we have team coverage of the story this morning. we are learning new details on exactly what happens. we will also hear from residents in the area who are shocked and devastated that this happened and so close to home. plus, who were these officers? and who do they leave behind. we would share the new information in our team coverage. >>
in the main event, he knows how to get that done. ryan villopoto is the reigning champ. he started out outside of the top 10, bunch of crashes. he needs to get focused, he needs to go out and win. >> one year ago in round two, ryan dungey made history in phoenix giving them their first 450sx victory. when the gates dropped on round two, and was muscle milk honda rookie who would make history on this night. >> he has the lead. millsaps in second, here we go in the opening lap. >> how about davi millsaps, another great start. he is your points leader. >> as canard and reed starting to go at it. >> so good at turning down early and accelerating out of the turn. >> he pushed the front and! >> ryan dungey in ninth pushing for eighth. >> one of those nights you just want to get through for ryan dungey. winner here last year. >> a nice pass. >> justin barcia out front. monster energy kawasaki ryan villopoto, two-time and reigning champ sitting in third. >> look at all that traffic in front of our leader, justin barcia. villopoto charging all the way the full 20 laps. oh, big problems for canard! vill
pileup in maine scattered cars across the road and into ditches. >> please, please exercise caution and use common sense. >> reporter: this historic storm is the result of two converging systems colliding over the northeast. >> the conditions are horrible. >> reporter: horrible even for veteran snowplow operators. >> last year we had a very mild winter. very mild. and i guess mother nature is making up for last year. >> reporter: mother nature delivering a powerful punch to a region still recovering from superstorm sandy, which struck just over three months ago. now, there is some good news in the region. both airports in new york have apparently opened and resumed flights. that's obviously not the case here in boston and won't be for quite some time. in fact, the blizzard warning here has now been extended until 1:00 this afternoon. that's the latest live here in boston. i'm jay grey. back to you now. >> jay, thank you. >> things aren't much better on the rails. acela canceled service today between new york and boston. trains between new york and d.c. will run as scheduled. amtrak
better root for alicia. this is the main menu screen when you start wii. the main activity is in the left corner, sports. turn yourself off. are you off? keep yourself off. we choose on the menu. hit a for you. on the main menu, on the upper left-hand corner we see sports. that is the activity we loaded in the console. using her head, she is choosing wii sports. it will be the two of you against each other. what is interesting is we have buttons. instead of buttons on the remote, there are buttons she can use her hands with allowed to be an adaptive devices for someone with a disability. turn on your remote. he will play against each other. i will narrate. it will be mackenna versus alicia in a game of tennis. winner takes all. hit no for save file. these are the introductory menu screen for wii, very simple to navigate through. we will choose tennis at the top of the screen. they will choose two players. we have created a character that looks a lot like alicia and another character that looks like mackenna. they will be playing against each other in a game of tennis. all right. all they
. you can see snow up in the state of maine. cape cod is still getting snow. 1,500 miles to the west in missouri and arkansas, oklahoma, texas, into nebraska, there is something new. it is a new storm. the entire weather pattern has shifted to make it easier for a nor'easter to develop. this storm was the leading edge of that. there could be several more this month. but it's a pattern is developing. >> a pattern for developing these things is out there. >> i do not think this storm will follow that group. at the end of the week, there is something that looks suspicious. we will have to see how it develops. >> thank you so much for the latest on the weather. the storms. maryland us know. we saw plenty of wind. that led to plenty of power outages in the greater baltimore area. crews have restored power to about 4000 homes in the last 24 hours. utilities are reported only 64 homes without electricity at this hour. stay informed any time severe weather strikes. download our smartphone app. it is free and available for your devices. calmer skies overhead in the northeast. the blizzard is
coast of maine to boston down to providence and into new york city, the area there, blizzard warning. that is where the worst of the storm will be tomorrow night into saturday morning. it has two parts. one coming up from the carolinas and the midwest. they will combine. it will brush past our area. the winter weather advisory in effect for rain, sleet, and snow tomorrow morning and perhaps more snow tomorrow night. more details coming up. > >> you can track the storms anywhere you are. our own and enjoy it aps. -- try our new iphone and android apps. >> embarrassing and expensive commission for st. joseph medical center. they submitted false claims to medicare and medicaid and admitted patients unnecessarily. the settlement is millions of dollars. >> we're talking about a settlement totaling $4.9 million. st. joseph medical center former parent company must now pay that to the feds after a hospital audit discovered the problem. in the summer of 2010, a routine compliance audit conducted by an outside firm revealed st. joseph medical center submitted false claims to medicare and medi
. they ordered a state-wide driving ban, facing one year in jail and $500 in fines. in portland, maine a pile up an early warning of what is to come. >> it will not be a hurricane sadie, but that does not mean you cannot be badly hurt or killed -- it will not be a hurricane sandy. >> aangry, stranded passengers -- angry, strand did passengers. >> now, i think i am going to laguardia. >> take the opportunity to stay home with family and friends. >> as we saw air travel is a big headache. nearly 5000 flights have been canceled. there is a record of 28 inches said. the worst of it overnight into saturday morning. richard reeve come abc 7 news. -- richard reeve, abc 7 news. >> chris, we have not talked to you in five or six hours. give us an idea of how things have deteriorated. >> it seems since we talked last it has got colder, and the gusts have guns drawn repeated when we talked last, it was -- the gusts have gotten stronger. when we talked last, it was we t. also since the last time we spoke, there have been several reports of widespread power outages throughout all of new england. more than 1
talking or singing or performing. the main -- >> what about playing drums? >> the main tour we have right now is the noise level. you are allowed to have free speech. you're not allowed to have it any volume you want. that's the main constraint right now. and as far as entertainment commission is concerned, amplified sound is something that's within our jurisdiction. >> and when you suggest somebody does if they have a problem with, say, the bucket man, who should they call for resolving the case? >> i would probably start with -- if you are government intervention that your assumption is, you should probably begin with police, not emergency, 311, and build in the main tools that you have. >> from our perspective, there are no other tools, right? >> your example, so it's clear to everyone, is use the bucket man. >> right. >> and a bucket is not an amplified instrument. >> right. >> therefore, that person, even if he or she walked into our office and asked for a permit, we don't have one for performing on the street. and, in fact, jocelyn and crystal and raj, we all get calls and e-mails a
. >> the two main goals of today's demonstration is for the president to identify climate reject the proposed keystone tar sands pipeline. >>> next what john mccain says president obama is not doing that presidents before him have. >>> also, danica patrick races into the history books. what she did today that has never been done before. >>> and an artist will play his piano one final time tonight. we'll tell you about that coming up. >>> we're seeing a slightly cooler sunday compared to yesterday, which had 50s and some 60s outside right now. all locations running cooler in the last 24 hours. pu can see we've got our storm system that will lead to big changes arounded the bay area as we head into the new week. >>> two well-known california politicians were on "meet the press" today. lieutenant governor gavin newsom and business executive and former california republican candidate for u.s. senate carly fiorina squared off in the roundtable part of the program inspect. they traded accusations from the economy to the dysfunction in washington. >> it's time for us to lean in again and hold these
wept off within 15 minutes of each other. first one taking place on the main airport road. that blast was targeting the shia community protests that had been going on all day there. that protest finished two hours earlier so the death toll is lower than it could have been. a second blast against a home of a leader. and that is the pashtun minority party that has representation. and minutes later another attack. it has seen severe violence. these blasts are only likely to increase. however, the big target probably was, according to most experts, the shia community protests. these guys have been protesting all day and they say they need their demands to be heard. they are feeling unsafe after a massive blast killed nearly 90 of their number earlier in the week. they have a number of demands they want heard. but they want the community to be protected. that demand, that 48-hour deadline comes to the end late on tuesday. if it isn't met, the protests could turn violent. if they do, that's a real issue for pakistan. sectarian divisions in this country are at an all-time high. >> monday's p
. had some breaks up in clearlake. there was rain north of mendocino county. there's the main band moving through. the stronger section is down towards san jose stretching from livermore and the altamont pass to the peninsula. there's the watch. watch how that rain is down to monterey and then will turn showery. there could easily be some snow. you can see towards mountain view, woodside, san mateo. especially moving off to the big valley, songton and san jose -- stockton and san jose. stockton. this is an extremely cold system. we'll have more coming up, tori, and see how long this lasts in about ten minutes. >> thank you, steve. remember, you can always get updated weather and traffic information on ktvu.com and mobile ktvu.com. you can also find the latest radar images for the bay area. just scroll halfway down the front page. >>> a danville family is deeming with a massive amount of -- dealing with a massive amount of family to their home from a fallen oak tree. the tree caused so much home to the home, it's now red-tagged. the tree shattered into pieces with some of the larges
>> as the battle for aleppo intensifies, serious main mainition force -- syria's opposition force. the three national coalition says missile strikes continue to kill hundreds of civilians. coming up, the vatican condemns the media for what it calls us up and slander -- a gossip and slander. the spanish kings son-in-law is jeered by protesters as he faces a judge over fraud claims. uncertainty and frustration mounts venezuela at the opposition demands to know if president chavez is fit enough to rule. >serious main opposition said it is pulling out of talks -- syria's main opposition said it is pulling out of talks. it describes international silence over the destruction of aleppo. on friday, rocket attacks killed at least 29 people there and left other people trapped. >> people in the villages scrambled to pull this child from under a rubble after an airstrike. the essence he said is tired of the worlds in in action against bashar al-assad's government. -- the snc said it is tired of the world's in action against bashar al-assad's government. where the world stands on the conflict
is that the scores are stable and they are fundamentally remaining for the my main nens which 85 percent, it is perceived to be a well maintained park and what you can see since 05-06 and particularly in the last few years is a general upward trend of the number of high, performing parks in the reduction of low performing parks and over all, which is most fundamentally important to us, a decrease in the disparty between our highest scoring parks and our lowest scoring parks. this year, rements the smallest disparity between our highest scoring district and our lowest scoring district that we have ever had since the program began. and i think that is a reflection of this board of supervisors and the parks department and frankly the ethos of our park volunteers and stewards. that every neighborhood deserves a clean and safe park and we really do fundamentally strive to allocate resources in such a way where those parks whether they are old or they are in or have challenged or in a neighborhood with other challenges that actually contribute to a challenge in keeping the park clean. we are a
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